FE 50

Less than € 5,000 for a sawmill? That’s right! For anyone using wood saws only occasionally or on a smaller scale, this is a win-win. Whether farmers, foresters, hunters or carpenters: it is used successfully for a vast variety of applications. One important aspect considered in the design of this band sawmill was ease-of-use as well as low maintenance. The FE50 meets all of these requirements, while it is also unbeatably affordable and allows high productivity

Bavaria SL 110i / SL 130i

Bavaria SL 130i – The favourite model of professionals – Sawmills that are capable of sawing logs up to 130 cm in diameter are hard to come by. In terms of a mobile unit, the SL was the only device in the world that was able to do so when it was introduced in November of 2002. This very fact and its pioneering technology made it a real trendsetter. So it is of no surprise that it was recognised with an Innovation Award already in 2003

Africa XE 135 / XE 160

In Africa, machines need be more rugged. The woods are harder and heavier, and the trunks are thicker. This is why in 2005 we developed a sawmill with an extremely rugged design specifically for Africa: the Africa XE. The success of this model in Africa has also spread to other parts of the world. The XE is a popular choice for industrial roundwood processing, plant construction and as an additional machine for cutting extremely heavy timber.

CS 600

Increase your output with the CS 600! High resaw performance with state of the art circular saw technology! This innovative design consists of two 15 mm thick, laser-cut and machined steel side members between which the entire machine is assembled. The chain and V-belt drives are mounted externally.

Duett / Quartett

A trim saw with two (Duett) or four (Quartett) circular saw blades can be the perfect addition for your sawmill. Simple, robust design Available in mobile or stationary version. A corrosion resistant construction made of aluminium and many galvanised parts guarantees long-term value retention. Quick set-up and dismantling of mobile version. Particularly popular with stationary sawmills as a circular resaw and for custom cutters who use the machine as a loaner for their customers in order to avoid trimming the sideboards on the log band saw, thus increasing capacity