Simulation for improved safety

Caution, danger to life: Forest workers and rescue teams, fire brigades and rescue services are all too familiar with this problem:
storm chaos. Fallen trees block the road and are under voltage. The risk of accident is particularly high for all parties involved when tree trunks are quickly and professionally removed.

The Cut Coach has been a trusted teaching device for fire brigades, trade associations, rescue services and forestry educational institutions for many years.

Jammed chainsaws and rebounding trees are not uncommon. Only experienced sawyers who quickly choose the safest cutting pattern can guarantee a smooth process. The proven CutCoach is a modern teaching device that offers the best possible training for real emergency situations.

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The advantages at a glance
  • Tension simulation for logs with any length and diameters of up to 40 cm
  • Fast loading because of the hydraulic crane
  • Hydraulic controlling of all the functions with a central panel
  • Generous working platform
  • Mobile version useable everywhere
  • If requested, with a petrol engine and hydraulic legs to assembly and disassembly faster
  • Lasting value retention because of a galvanized main frame
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Convenient operation

The central control panel

  • Clear overview of all hydraulic functions
  • Protected safety clearance to the place of action
  • With Euro control
Tensioning special sizes

The stop

  • Clamping of smaller log diameters
  • Extension of clamping stroke for smaller log diameters
  • Easy assembly without tools
  • Practical quick-latch for transport
Easy gripping

The crane with two practical functions

  • Loading the log onto the CutCoach
  • Easy re-feeding of the length of the sawn-off log into the movable log claws
  • More practice cuts for each participant due to the high repetition rate while keeping the wood consumption low
Quickly ready for use

Hydraulic support feet

  • Optionally available
  • For quick relocating
  • Shortens the setup time many times over
  • Can be controlled from the control panel
Generous storage area

Large log claws

  • Professional setting down and securing of the log
  • Log diameters of up to 40 cm may be inserted into the three wide-open log clamps
  • The log is fixed by two adjacent clamps, similar to a bench vise
Increase bending path

The level cylinder

  • Expansion of the bending path
  • Increased clamping
  • Control via control panel
Use any tension

Perfect tension simulation

  • The third claw is mounted on a mobile stand and secures the log
  • Two cylinders in the stand can move the log end vertically and horizontally
  • Tension in any direction
Stowing accessories

The practical tool box

  • Storing tools
  • Storing the power cable
  • Bolted to the machine for safe transport
  • Lockable
CutCoach Detail
Technical details
Length 5.430 mm
Tandem axle 2,7 t
Transport width 2.163 mm
Power connection 16A CEE-Socket
If requested with petrol engine
Weight approx. 2.200 kg (Depending on the equipment)
Speed up to 80 km/h
Hydraulic pump drive 2,2 Kw electric engine
Log length min. 3 m
Log length max. 8 m
Operating pressure hydraulic 200 Bar
Hydraulic pump power 9 Liters/Min
Log diameter max. 40 cm
Length of the sawn piece min. 30 cm

Manufacturer reserves

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