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When innovation pays off…

…then the inventions from SERRA have enabled many people to discover lucrative market niches. More than 1,450 sawmills worldwide in some 80 countries speak for themselves. In Germany alone, SERRA is now the leading manufacturer with over 500 broadband sawmills sold

Powerful sawmills - mobile and stationary

Horizontal log band sawmills are the core competence of SERRA. Four different size classes are available. Allowing for the cutting of logs with a maximum diameter of 90, 110, 135 or even 160 centimetres.

Resaws and trimmers

Of course SERRA also offers all peripheral devices for sawmills and can even design entire plants upon request. This includes logs and lumber conveyors, various removal systems, buffer tables, board separators etc.
SERRA also develops and manufactures resaws based on circular and band saws. These supplement the log band saw and increase the performance significantly.

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I have been dreaming of a mobile sawmill ever since I was a young boy. At the age of 18 I bought a Filius, with which I have sawed more than 1,000 cubic meters in two years. This allowed me to eventually acquire a Montana for custom cutting, and two years later even the Bavaria SL 130i! When dreams come true, it’s easy to make a living….

Nico DöllingerGermany
News & Updates

LIGNA 2019 – Review

With more than 1,500 exhibitors and 93,000 trade visitors, Ligna is part of the world’s leading trade fair for woodworking machines. While SERRA presented a new operating concept for stationary block band sawmills and recut saws in Hall 25, a second exhibition stand was sawed with mobile sawmills in the open area, which holds the stuff.

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SERRA 2019-Finally the time has come

Just in time for the launch of LIGNA 2019 in Hanover, our new catalogue has also been completed-In the new SERRA 2019 catalogue, we will provide you with our new products and our entire portfolio from the world of sawmill technology. On 60 pages you will find the SERRA sawing technology in a new display.

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