Powerful sawmills - mobile and stationary

Horizontal log band sawmills are the core competence of SERRA. Four different size classes are available. Allowing for the cutting of logs with a maximum diameter of 90, 110, 135 or even 160 centimetres.

SERRA’s mobile sawmills in various weight and size classes are mostly used for custom cutting. Long hauls for raw wood can be prevented. The mobile sawmills are driven by electric motors. Sawmills with combustion engines are available for operation without mains power

Resaws and trimmers

Of course SERRA also offers all peripheral devices for sawmills and can even design entire plants upon request. This includes logs and lumber conveyors, various removal systems, buffer tables, board separators etc.

SERRA also develops and manufactures resaws based on circular and band saws. These supplement the log band saw and increase the performance significantly.

Forest machinery and equipment

The high number of fatalities in the processing of storm wood has caused SERRA to develop a training device for this type of emergency. The CutCoach is a mobile voltage simulator that can bend logs. Experts will demonstrate how these logs can be safely cut with a chainsaw without posing any risk to the human operator.
The agile iron horse is one of the lightest hauling machines worldwide and can be effortlessly operated on slopes using a crawler chassis, or in wetlands, such as for conservation measures. With the additional Wheelhorse, working in difficult terrain is significantly easier. SERRA sells both machines in Germany and Austria.

Additional and expansion machines

As with all cutting technologies, it is very important that the tools are sharp. The “Shark” series of grinding machines offers innovative technology. Rolling and levelling devices complete the sharpening room. We also offer power producers (generators) as an addition to our sawmills

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