A precision machine that is particularly easy to use

The Shark 200 is an innovative new development in the field of dry grinding. With integrated extraction. The patented device has a large grinding wheel with a diameter of 300 mm. The basic configuration already includes a diamond gear puller mounted on a swivel arm.  This means the disc maintains the same profile and ensures absolute precision at all times. No conversion work is required if a different tooth pitch or shape is to be ground. Simply change the cam and continue sharpening. Large scale for quick and easy adjustment of the cutting angle.

Innovative new development in the field of dry grinding

The balanced grinding wheel causes almost no vibrations, resulting in a better grinding pattern (similar to wet grinding machines!) while also significantly minimising the risk of crack formation! Easy balancing of the grinding wheel with the included balancer.

  • Easy to use! Perfectly adjusted in just a few steps.
  • Very short grinding time. A wet grinding machine takes three to four times as long.
  • Grinding wheel diameter 300 mm! This means the grinding wheel hardly heats up, yielding improved durability.
  • No extensive conversion work when using different tooth pitches and shapes. Simply change the cam in a few easy steps.
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Shark 200 Compact
  • Blade lengths from/to

    5 – 10 m

  • Blade widths from/to

    70 – 160 mm

  • Grinding speed per minute

    30 teeth

  • Total power engine

    (16 A) CEE-Plug 1,66 kw

  • Weight

    205 kg

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Feeding system

Feed adjustment with double feed finger and cutting angle adjustment with a large scale.]

Optimal feed for precise sharpening for faster retrieval of the feed pawl

The three adjustment screws are provided with a scale.

Grinding engine

Grinding engine and diamond-tipped grinding wheel puller. Ensuring that the grinding wheel has the right profile at all times

Consistent grinding wheel profile thanks to a fixed pull-out device with diamond insert

Large adjusting screw in rear: Infeed tooth height


The extraction channel is visible behind the saw blade. Grinding dust is reliably extracted. The extractor is protected inside the machine. The grinding dust can be removed and disposed of by opening a cover on the front side (not pictured).

Integrated extraction of hazardous sanding dust

Strong magnets pull the saw blade downwards and back into the bracket. Mechanical clamping is not required! The setting screw below is used to adjust the proper height.

Shark 200 Detail
Technical details
  • Blade lengths from/to: 5 – 10 m
  • Blade widths from/to: 70 – 160 mm
  • Grinding speed per minute 30 teeth
  • Total power engine (16 A) CEE-Plug 1,66 kw
  • Weight: 205 kg
  • Possible tooth shapes: All shapes are possible just  by changing the cam
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