Hydraulic equipment modules and options

Different hydraulic tools available for all models in order to optimize the handling of logs. Compile your machine individually or choose from one of our hydraulic packages.

You have the choice. Of course we can assist you in what components you need for your needs. We can discuss not only the required number of tools, rather also the position in the frame they can be mounted.

You have the choice – we are happy to advise you

In doing this we make your sawmill more user friendly which in turn will increase your productivity and success. See for yourself!

The log lifter
  • two different variants: At heavy machines, the log lifters are supported by the frame. At the lighter machines the log lifters are supported on the ground, can be placed according to the length of the logs and in order to transport the mill, you just lift and fold them up.
  • depending on the model, logs with a weight between 3.2 t and 10 t can be lifted up to the sawing bed.
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The squaring arms
  • prevent the log from rolling off while loading and turning.
  • are required for 90 degrees angeled lumber. The angle is adjustable.
  • the squaring arms surveillance of the PLC avoids any unintentional damage.
The log clamp turner / log turning assistant
  • turns and clamps the log without damaging it.
  • particularly fl exible also at special cuts like wedges, multiple sided beams, etc.
  • useful in combination with the log turning assistant, which prevents a possible
  • roll back of the log while repositioning the log clamp turner.
The roller drums
  • moves the log back and forward to the right position on the sawing table.
  • can move the milled lumber to the end of the mill.
  • by using spiral rollers the lumber can be moved laterally
  • not powered, lower priced variant possible
Toe boards with clamps
  • levels the log in a way that its centre is parallel to the sawing bed.
  • clamp the log with their height adjustable clamps.
  • pulls the log down against the log supporters.
  • lower priced variant: clamps without leveling function of the log
Chain turner / lateral arms
  • The chain turner and lateral arms move the milled lumber laterally on to the lateral arms beside the mill.
  • Chain turners allow fast turning of small and medium sized logs.
Board remover
  • Receiving the waste and side boards by turning the log with your turning system
  • With the help of chain turners or the laterial arms in the frame the milled lumbed gets pushed onto the board remover
  • By lifting up the board removers the cutted wood falls down to the ground or stays on it or gets forwarded onto a buffering station. You decide which version fits best for you.
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